Cuisse De Grenouille Sweatshirt; SUPER Sunnies.

In the summer, people all over the world migrate toward the nearest coast to take full advantage of the warm weather by the beach. In my first travel related post I will touch on a place I have spent many summers, attempting to escape the over-whelming humidity of the city - the infamous Hamptons. 

For the past week, I was lucky enough to take a little reunion trip after my homecoming move to LA. After clubbing in my early 20s in Southampton, to spending quiet summers in Bridge and Easthampton, then coming full circle by going to Montauk and acting like an 18 year old with her first fake ID, I have finally come to my favorite and hopefully more settled Hamptons experience - the Dunes of Amagensett. Staying in the Dunes of Amagansett, the neighborhood feels somewhat like a distant cousin of the California coast, with its sandy streets and odd architecture, a stark contrast from the typical 'Hamptons' aesthetic. After many years of migrating east, I have come to feel most at home here - the California in me just can't help it.

As an added perk my friends over at Tenet Shop, a very chic boutique in Southampton, outfitted me for the week while I ate, drank, photographed the beach, and tanned myself (if you know me, you will know these with a few exceptions these are the things that make me entirely happy). With this added bonus of some excellent fashion by some of my favorite brands, I was happy as a clam. Suits from Solid & Striped, sweaters from Isabel Marant, Acme button downs, Super Sunglasses - all brands I own and love. 

Please check out some awesome images from the week featuring an amazing place with amazingly curated selected of clothes picked out for me by Tenet Shop. Check back soon for more updates and added series from the Hamptons and beyond!